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We’re living in a DIY world, and many small business owners and especially start-ups make the mistake of choosing a cheap template to define their brand identity. They start with one one cheap template to create their web site, another for their email marketing and finally another to make a logo and put it on a business card.

Now you have not only one, but maybe multiple, unrelated, completely generic and cheap looking pieces that define your organization’s essential identity.

Inc. Magazine had an interesting article called: Your Homemade Website Isn’t Cutting It Anymore which included this quote:

Inc. Magazine

Here’s the thing about cheap, template-driven websites: They look like every other cheap website out there. And that cheapens your brand. It makes you look like you don’t take your marketing and messaging seriously.

I don’t think it takes a lot to realize this is not the way to build trust in the eyes of your clients and prospects. It’s especially difficult to convince a prospective customer that you are a high-quality provider when you present yourself as cheap and uncreative. Assuming you don’t want to be the low-price provider, you need to present yourself and your business as capable, experienced, different-yet-better.

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