Your Evolving Web Site in the Innovation Economy (Thanks Dr. Edison Liu)

As web sites continue to become the cornerstone of an organization’s brand identity and marketing efforts, it’s important to understand why this mix of technology and creativity is so critical to business success.

Recently, I attended a presentation by Dr. Edison Liu, President and CEO of The Jackson Laboratory. The event, hosted by The Institute for Civic Leadership was on Leadership Characteristics in the Innovation Economy.

Dr. Liu started by explaining how much our economic model has changed in the past one hundred years. Economic success is no longer about things like proximity to natural resources or making material objects. Instead, we are in a creative-based economy.


Polyphony HS Web Site Redesign

Polyphony HS is a literary magazine written and edited by high school students. It is a high-quality and unique publication and organization. We’ve been working with Polyphony HS for many years and recently, we helped them upgrade their web site.

We designed their first web site in 2008. So much has changed in five years! Let me walk you through the changes.


3 Reasons Why SEO Advice is Conflicting

Conflicting and confusing SEO adviceSometimes when we are talking with our current clients or putting together proposals for prospects we get the question:

Why do I hear different advice from every different web developer we talk to?

I understand how confusing and frustrating this is.


Create a Snowball Effect With Content, Branding, SEO

For those of you who are not from the northern areas, like up here in Maine, you may need a quick lesson in how to make a snowball to understand this analogy. To make a snowball, you start with a small bit of snow in your hands. Then, you pack more and more around it and the snowball gets bigger. Finally, if you’re trying to build something large, like a snowman, you may need to roll the ball around in the snow. Very quickly it gets very big.

That’s the snowball effect.


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