3 Lessons from Partying as a Web Designer

So You're a Web DesignerApparently, it’s common for a doctor to be at a cocktail party or other social gathering, and when people hear that he or she is a doctor they start describing their latest rash, cough or pain in the hopes of a little free advice.

For many years, when I told someone that I was a graphic designer, I got a standard “that sounds fun” type of response. Until the past ten years or so, most people never understood how a book cover, magazine or brochure got designed. With the advent of web sites, the term designer, especially web designer, is something that people are much more familiar with.


Branding: Health Literacy Partners

Health literacy partners logo
We recently worked with Dr. Terri Parnell to develop the branding for her new health literacy consulting business: Health Literacy Partners. This included developing the name, tagline, logo, letterhead, business cards, web site, e-newsletter and managing the Google pay-per-click campaign.


Infographic: The Power of Web Design

We recently published our Web Design Survey results as a white paper. Here are some highlights:

  • 80% chose a product, service or company over a competitor because it had a better website
  • 89% say the aesethetics of a web site matter

Survey Results: Your Web Site Is Critical To First Impressions

I’m one of those people that whenever I hear of a new product, service or company I immediately like to check out their web site. It gives me a fast and thorough way to understand what they are doing and what they are offering.

Because this is the first impression, it is critical. How professional the web site looks will have a deep impact on my impression of the company as a whole.

I know that I’m very connected to the web and I wondered if others were so quick to check out web sites and how important that first impression was with them.

So I set out to survey people. I reached out through Facebook, LinkedIn and the blog to find participants in the survey. Since I found these users online, they were clearly web users, but they were not necessarily designers or people I necessarily knew professionally.


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