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Good Design Saves Money, Doesn't Look Cheap

As you pull together your brand identity you need to look at design as well as production costs. First you need a well designed business card, then you need to get it printed. In addition to web design there are development and hosting fees. As a business owner, you’re probably looking for ways to minimize expenses; but you need to understand how and where you can safely cut corners. Where can you save money? For example, there is a plethora of online printing sources that will print your cards cheaply; and many times they will look like that — cheap. If you know your way around printing, you may be able to score some decent, but well-priced cards. However, many new business owners don’t know anything about printing, so they end up with thin paper and poorly reproduced artwork. If you want to read about my own experience getting some cards printed online, read this series of posts. It’s all… Continue Reading »

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Brand Touchpoints Online: If You Aren't Going to Remember Me, Don't Pretend To

No, this is not about that awkward moment at a networking event or social gathering when you can’t remember someone’s name. This is about that annoying moment when I login in to and it asks me yet again if I want Twitter to “remember me.” Every time I check the box, yet every time I come back it prompts me for my username and password again. I don’t know if it’s a setting in Firefox, or what, but I check the box every time, but Twitter never remembers me. These are the little brand touchpoints that build likability and trust. Or, annoy your customers to no end. Review the touchpoints on your own web site If you haven’t done so recently, walk through your own web site and see what is involved to sign up, log in, or get to the information you need. You may want to set up a few “tasks” and ask some friends or associates… Continue Reading »