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Brand Touchpoints Online: If You Aren't Going to Remember Me, Don't Pretend To

No, this is not about that awkward moment at a networking event or social gathering when you can’t remember someone’s name. This is about that annoying moment when I login in to and it asks me yet again if I want Twitter to “remember me.” Every time I check the box, yet every time I come back it prompts me for my username and password again. I don’t know if it’s a setting in Firefox, or what, but I check the box every time, but Twitter never remembers me. These are the little brand touchpoints that build likability and trust. Or, annoy your customers to no end. Review the touchpoints on your own web site If you haven’t done so recently, walk through your own web site and see what is involved to sign up, log in, or get to the information you need. You may want to set up a few “tasks” and ask some friends or associates… Continue Reading »