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5 Reasons Blog Writing Helps Your Business Offline

Adding a blog to your web site is a good way to increase web traffic and perform better in searches. A blog adds fresh content and new pages to your web site which are then searched and indexed by Google. It gives a hook for people to link to your site. All of these are important reasons to start a blog. But they are limited to thinking only about building web traffic. Here are 5 more reasons to consider adding a blog to your web site to help market and build your business offline. Increase visibility: Last month, I was asked to speak at the Social Media Breakfast’s meeting. How did this happen? My blog post on Social Media for Non-Profits was found online. This is actually the second time I’ve been asked to present to the organization, and both were spurred by blog posts. Build trust: Recently, my name was given to a potential client. When I met the… Continue Reading »

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