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Lifespan of a Web Site: How Long Until You Need to Redesign Your Web Site

How long will a well-designed web site last? 6 questions to ask yourself that may help you determine if it’s time to redo your web site.

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What To Do When Your New Web Site Sucks

Unfortunately, I’ve been hearing the same scenario frequently from some potential clients who are requesting estimates for web design work. We just had our web site redesigned recently, but we hate it! Can you help us redesign and redevelop it? With prospects like this, we usually set up a time to talk and walk through their current site. We look at what they like (if anything) and what’s not working. These are some of the typical things we see: The design is just not working. These issues usually come back to the basics of good design. Making the most important things most prominent. Good, readable typography. Layouts that show balance. Color palettes that work together. Not using cheesy clipart or poor photography. The web site is not user-friendly. Sometimes the navigation is difficult to use (example: roll-overs that are twitchy). Or, the content is not organized well so it is difficult to find. Or, the names used in the navigation… Continue Reading »