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Still Water Yoga: Building the Brand Identity

Designing a brand identity is the chance to emphasize key elements that should be repeated, and add in elements that could not be part of the logo design.

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How to Fit Facebook Into Your Design: Avoid the Suck of Social Media

I’ve done a number of presentations about social media and branding, and one question I usually get is how do you find time to keep up with social media. It can be a struggle to figure out how to have meaningful interactions on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter without it sucking up all your time. Making time and space for social media As a designer, I also see another potential “suck” of social media. The fact that small businesses need to throw a large number of social media icons and contact info into everything from their web site to their print ads or other marketing materials. Yesterday, I was listening to the radio and heard an ad for a local garden shop. Out of the 30 seconds, a full one third of the time was getting out all their contact information. It started with their physical address and phone number, then went on to the URL of… Continue Reading »


Cheap Templates Suggest a Cheap, Uncreative Business

We’re living in a DIY world, and many small business owners and especially start-ups make the mistake of choosing a cheap template to define their brand identity. They start with one one cheap template to create their web site, another for their email marketing and finally another to make a logo and put it on a business card. Now you have not only one, but maybe multiple, unrelated, completely generic and cheap looking pieces that define your organization’s essential identity. Inc. Magazine had an interesting article called: Your Homemade Website Isn’t Cutting It Anymore which included this quote: Here’s the thing about cheap, template-driven websites: They look like every other cheap website out there. And that cheapens your brand. It makes you look like you don’t take your marketing and messaging seriously. I don’t think it takes a lot to realize this is not the way to build trust in the eyes of your clients and prospects. It’s especially difficult… Continue Reading »


Your Web Site Does Not Need More Traffic

Everyone seems to wonder: “How much traffic is my web site getting?” “Am I getting enough hits on my web site?” “How much traffic should I expect from my web site?” What you really need to find out is: Am I getting the right traffic to help my business? Because more traffic does not always equate to more leads, more sales, more calls or however you define as success. How does your web site fit into your business plan? I’m frequently surprised when clients seem to have some random number in their head about the amount of traffic they expect from their web site. It makes more sense to think about what result you’d like to see. Would you like people to call you? Ask for an estimate? Buy a product? Subscribe to your newsletter? Some web site’s are the business: for example, an online retailer. But many small businesses are not directly conducting business via their web site. Rather,… Continue Reading »