Why the Design Fails on HealthCare.Gov

I’m writing about the HealthCare.gov web site again. Hey, it’s not often that a web site gets so much media attention!

Most of the news stories have focused (rightly so) on the functionality of the web site for learning about and applying for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Imagine (if you can), that the application itself was flawless, and concentrate on the design. Unfortunately, the design is causing its own problems.


3 Key Target Markets For Your Web Site

3 Targets for your Web SiteThere are three different and important target markets that should be considered for every web site design project. These three groups, and what they are looking for, all factor into decisions about design, development, content and messaging.

1. Your audience of ideal customers

As a general rule, the most important group to think about when working on a web site is your audience.


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