Will Google Push for the End of Cheap Stock Photos?

It’s a pet peeve of mine: cheap, ugly stock photos that are overused everywhere, most especially on blogs.

I’m glad that people are starting to understand that a visual can help make web content more engaging. But I hate the way people just stick a poor-quality, royalty-free photo on every blog post without really considering if it adds anything to the message or more importantly to the brand image of the company behind it.

How many more business people silhouettes, handshakes, or globes can we all take?


Webinar: Branding, Content, SEO

If you missed our recent webinar, or want to revisit it, here are the slides and the recording. As you’ll see, the slides themselves may not be that helpful without viewing the recording, so I’ve embedded the video within the slides as well.


3 Step Year-End Web Site Review

The turn of the year prompts many of us to analyze what worked over the past year, recognize what has not worked, and then set goals for improving. Your web site, which may be the foundation of your branding and marketing efforts would likely benefit from an end-of-year analysis, too.

Here are 3 important areas to review. I hope you’ll play along and let me know what type of analysis you do.


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