3 Videos Every Software Company Needs

3 Videos Software Companies Need

Many software developers think that if a customer tries their software, they’ll love it and want to buy it. Even with free trials or limited-featured demo software, many buyers are reluctant to test out software directly.

Your prospects may have restrictive policies or firewalls from their IT department that prohibit them from installing applications on their computer or phone. Or, they may not want to be pestered by a sales person when they enter the often required information necessary to access a free trial. And, realistically, you may not want to have to follow up with every unqualified, early-stage lead.

Yet, your potential buyers are curious about the benefits of your software. They may want to experience the UI and see how intuitive it would be to accomplish their routine tasks.

Video is an effective medium to highlight key benefits and allow prospects to experience your software without installing it.


How To Reduce a 40-Minute Presentation to 59 Seconds? Video

Video is often the best way to succinctly summarize the benefits of your products or service.

It’s easy for in-person presentations, sales sheets or web site pages to use lots and lots of words to try and explain something. Many times, the longer you speak or write, you don’t always add anything meaningful. You just lose people’s attention. And once you’ve lost people’s attention, you lose control over what pieces of your message they actually hear.

Here’s a story our client shared.


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