Is Design A Litmus Test for Business Success?

Recently, I have found out that two old clients of mine have filed for bankruptcy. Each owed me a small amount of money, which means I’m included as a creditor in all the filings. Honestly, I had written off both of them long ago. But, I do think it’s sad to see someone fail, and I always hope that my business adds to another business’ success. However, I feel like I could see the writing on the wall long ago. Let me use one of these clients as an example. Failure to consider design and branding When I met these small business owners, they were selling their product at fairs and farmers markets and wanted to expand their business to an e-commerce Web site. It seemed like a good avenue to grow their business. At our first meeting I asked to see their existing brand identity—logo, packaging, etc.—and to get electronic files of these to incorporate into the Web design. […]


Your Logo Sucks. Keep It or Redesign It?

Many entrepreneurs feel the pinch when starting a new business. They can’t afford a professional logo, so they rely on DIY logo design or low cost logos. Or, they have so much to do that they get business cards printed and a web site up before developing a real logo. When their business starts to grow and shows signs of success, they step back and reassess their logo. You may be wondering: Is it better to stick with what you’ve got or try something new? Should you hire a professional graphic designer to redesign your logo? Yes. You will look more professional and people will stop snickering when they receive your business card. No. People have come to embrace the “old skool” look of your logo. Yes. You really haven’t been in business very long and it would be better to bite the bullet and do it right before growing any more. No. A logo is not critical to your […]


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