5 Audiences Who Must Understand Your Tech Startup Product

Translating the benefits of your tech startup idea.Tech-based entrepreneurial startups are finding hi-tech solutions to all sorts of problems. It is frequently a highly-trained intellectual with specialized knowledge who has the ability to bring these new tech-based ideas to market.

Getting people to understand the benefits of your technology can be key to growing your company. Whether you want to attract investors, or if you are ready to start selling the product to end customers, if they can’t quickly comprehend the benefits of your technology, you’ll have trouble closing the deal.


How Much Does Branding Research Cost?

BrandingResearch-costsAs a branding firm specializing in building brand identities, we frequently write estimates for brand research and strategy work. These may come from start-up firms who need to build a new brand identity, or established companies that are ready for a more professional and comprehensive branding strategy. They may be part of a specific design project (ie research leading up to a new logo or web site); or may be a separate research project.


12 Lessons from 12 Years in Branding

12 Lessons in BrandingRecently, Visible Logic celebrated our 12th anniversary. It was September 10, 2001 that I started Visible Logic. It’s amazing how much has changed in twelve years, yet what is at the core of exceptional design remains the same.

  1. The word “branding” is quite new, but the concept is not. Back in 2001, and most definitely when I graduated from MassArt in 1997, no one was using the term branding. In design school, we learned to design “identity systems.”

When to Invest in Branding for Your Start Up

Starting a new business is exciting. And getting a shiny new logo and web site are often one of the activities that entrepreneurs look forward to. Compared to writing a business plan, making cold calls or trying to find investors, hiring someone to design a brand identity can seem like a lot of fun.

When should a start up invest in their brand identity?

In the book Predictable Success, author Les McKeown says:

You’re not going to get your branding right at the beginning, so don’t spend money as if you have. Design and branding can and should evolve as you get closer to your market, and you hear their chatter more and more clearly.

I completely agree with this thought. Depending on your product/service your branding may come sooner, but it should never come first.


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