Your Personal Brand Is Key To Your Startup’s Brand

I am so surprised when I look at a web site for a startup company and they have little or no information about the people behind the company.

Frequently there is no “about us” type of page and sometimes no contact information either. I think people make this mistake for several reasons, but I’d like to explain why these details can help you grow your startup.


Why I Want a Vibrant Startup Community in Portland Maine

I love Maine's Startup Community

This week is the first Maine Startup and Create Week. It has been an inspiring week of events. Some of the speakers have talked about certain sectors of activity such as sustainable food, specialty materials or marine innovation. But I have been focused on the events around how to build a local startup community in Maine. I’ve been learning from Brad Feld who came in via video feed to talk about startup communities; a panel of people who have worked to grow the startup community in Boston; and a larger panel of people from across the US increasing the creative and entrepreneurial communities in places such as Boulder, New Orleans and Fargo, ND.

I have been involved with some of the work behind Maine Startup and Create Week by participating in the branding and marketing committee and specifically we designed those little fold-up schedule/maps that fit into your lanyards. So I knew this week was something I wanted to be a part of, and get behind.

But the energy, new ideas and vision shared by speakers and attendees has been inspirational.


Startups: Your Web Site Sucks and That’s OK! (For Now)

Your Startup Web Site Sucks and That's OK for NowFor an entrepreneur to get their starup launched, he or she has so many balls to juggle. Nearly every task that must be completed—and it seems your list is never ending—there is a compromise on how to prioritize the time and money allocated.

It’s clear that every startup needs a web site. It’s kind of funny that I need to even say it, but it does need to be said.

But I’m telling you, as professional in the field of branding and web design:

It’s OK if your first web site isn’t that great.


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