Balancing Consistency With Customization in Your Content

I spend a lot of time preaching the benefits of a consistent, unified brand identity. Rather than mixing your message and diluting your identity, the repetition of key visuals, text and graphic elements can all strengthen your brand’s position. But, there are times when people get consistent to a fault. You need to remember to tailor your message based on your audience and your medium. Put your message into your reader’s context How engaged are our your readers? How you explain your business proposition to a prospect who has requested an estimate should be different than how you describe your business at your family reunion. This is also true when considering what type of information you share with an interested prospect ready to make a purchase, compared to a distracted web surfer. How much time or space do you have? Twitter’s 140 characters is probably the most restrictive place you communicate in, but other environments may have their own biases. […]


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