Video: The Differences In Facebook Vs Twitter

If you’re new to social media or are looking to use Facebook or Twitter to promote your business, it’s good to understand the differences between these two very important social media channels. The way you connect, follow, share and view your timeline is a bit different between Facebook personal profiles, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Watch this 3 minute video to see the differences.


Stop Making Content McNuggets

Adding new, relevant content is a way to get Google to rank your web site higher in search results. So there has been an explosion of content on the web.

As you might expect, much of this high volume of content is poor quality.


How are we doing?

What is customer experience?

Customer experience is the journey from start to finish of using your product or service. It often starts long before a customer is an actual client, and back when they were a prospect researching options. A good customer experience means having your customer walk away with the best experience possible while interacting with your company; and improving the chances that they will come back to you.


Persistence is the Best Marketing Strategy of 2015

Wishing You Persistence in 2015!A few years ago, I decided to switch my New Year’s celebration. Rather than stay up late seeing out the old year, I decided to start getting up early and greet the new year by watching the sunrise.

I live in Maine, so sunrises are special, as we are one of the first places in the US to see the sun rise every morning. Early on January 1, I headed over to the Eastern Prom section of Portland Maine with my family.


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