3 Step Year-End Web Site Review

The turn of the year prompts many of us to analyze what worked over the past year, recognize what has not worked, and then set goals for improving. Your web site, which may be the foundation of your branding and marketing efforts would likely benefit from an end-of-year analysis, too.

Here are 3 important areas to review. I hope you’ll play along and let me know what type of analysis you do.


Readers Want Your Content, Not Your “Content Marketing”

Content marketing is a hot buzz word in the world of internet marketing. But the reasoning behind it has been around for ages and is a timeless and effective way to show your expertise, build trust and generate business.

The idea behind content marketing is that you produce content that people want to view. In the old days these channels sounded like: present at a conference, write an article and get published, or send out a printed newsletter. Nowadays it can mean writing a blog, posting a video on YouTube, designing an infographic, sending out an e-newsletter or sharing information on Twitter.


Your Web Site Does Not Need More Traffic

Everyone seems to wonder: “How much traffic is my web site getting?” “Am I getting enough hits on my web site?” “How much traffic should I expect from my web site?” What you really need to find out is: Am I getting the right traffic to help my business? Because more traffic does not always equate to more leads, more sales, more calls or however you define as success. How does your web site fit into your business plan? I’m frequently surprised when clients seem to have some random number in their head about the amount of traffic they expect from their web site. It makes more sense to think about what result you’d like to see. Would you like people to call you? Ask for an estimate? Buy a product? Subscribe to your newsletter? Some web site’s are the business: for example, an online retailer. But many small businesses are not directly conducting business via their web site. Rather, […]


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