Inbound: The Era of Small and Free is Over

Recently, I spent some of my time at the FutureM / Inbound conference(s) in Boston, MA. The two conferences were run jointly, sharing Key Note speakers and allowing participants to all mingle together.

There were thousands of people deeply involved with marketing, on both the agency or in-house side. As with any good conference, I was introduced to new ideas and strategies and brushed up on some techniques. I tried to walk away inspired, but honestly, I felt a bit saddened as I realized that the door has slammed close on an era of the free, level playing field in the areas of social media and some forms of content marketing.


3 Reasons Why SEO Advice is Conflicting

Conflicting and confusing SEO adviceSometimes when we are talking with our current clients or putting together proposals for prospects we get the question:

Why do I hear different advice from every different web developer we talk to?

I understand how confusing and frustrating this is.


Create a Snowball Effect With Content, Branding, SEO

For those of you who are not from the northern areas, like up here in Maine, you may need a quick lesson in how to make a snowball to understand this analogy. To make a snowball, you start with a small bit of snow in your hands. Then, you pack more and more around it and the snowball gets bigger. Finally, if you’re trying to build something large, like a snowman, you may need to roll the ball around in the snow. Very quickly it gets very big.

That’s the snowball effect.


Will Google Push for the End of Cheap Stock Photos?

It’s a pet peeve of mine: cheap, ugly stock photos that are overused everywhere, most especially on blogs.

I’m glad that people are starting to understand that a visual can help make web content more engaging. But I hate the way people just stick a poor-quality, royalty-free photo on every blog post without really considering if it adds anything to the message or more importantly to the brand image of the company behind it.

How many more business people silhouettes, handshakes, or globes can we all take?


Webinar: Branding, Content, SEO

If you missed our recent webinar, or want to revisit it, here are the slides and the recording. As you’ll see, the slides themselves may not be that helpful without viewing the recording, so I’ve embedded the video within the slides as well.


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