Polyphony HS Web Site Redesign

Polyphony HS is a literary magazine written and edited by high school students. It is a high-quality and unique publication and organization. We’ve been working with Polyphony HS for many years and recently, we helped them upgrade their web site.

We designed their first web site in 2008. So much has changed in five years! Let me walk you through the changes.


Demystifying the Logo Design Process: Retail Association of Maine Rebranding

Many people I talk with seem mystified by the logo design process. Business owners who want to hire a design firm are scared that they will not end up with a logo they are happy with. People look at new logos and wonder why some seem to have turned out great and others do not. Many of these issues can be prevented by taking the time to follow a process that guides the logo design from the beginning.

This video blog post shows the process of developing the logo for the Retail Association of Maine.


Muddy Rudder Restaurant Logo and Web Site Design

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new web site for the Muddy Rudder restaurant in Yarmouth, Maine.

Logo design

Our work with the restaurant began with the redesign of their logo.

Our rebranding efforts focused on making the restaurant appear more contemporary, with a greater appeal to younger people and families. Unfortunately, the clientele was getting older and the restaurant needed some fresh energy.

New web site design

When new owners took over the restaurant, it included the web site as well.


When the Web Designer Gets a New Web Site: Goals First

It’s been in the works for months, and we are nearly ready to launch our own redesigned web site, right here at VisibleLogic.com

Many people have asked what it is is like “to be our own client.”

Like the cobbler who never provides good shoes for his own children, it can be hard to work on your own web site; especially when you are in the web design and development business. There is a lot of pressure to do it just right.

Start with goals

We tried to follow our own advice that we outlined in: What to expect with the web design and development process.

That meant we had to start with our goals for the site. These included:


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