How To Reduce a 40-Minute Presentation to 59 Seconds? Video

Video is often the best way to succinctly summarize the benefits of your products or service.

It’s easy for in-person presentations, sales sheets or web site pages to use lots and lots of words to try and explain something. Many times, the longer you speak or write, you don’t always add anything meaningful. You just lose people’s attention. And once you’ve lost people’s attention, you lose control over what pieces of your message they actually hear.

Here’s a story our client shared.


How We Choose Pro-Bono Work

As a designer, I am frequently asked to donate design, web design or marketing services to non-profits and other organizations. I can’t say “yes” to everyone, and here are my reasons for choosing the groups that I work with.


Maine Startup and Create Week Graphics

We have been really busy with Maine Startup and Create Week. In addition to attending many great sessions, we were heavily involved with organizing and marketing the event. As a key member of the marketing committee, Visible Logic helped to develop the key messaging, update the branding and create pretty much all of the printed signs, schedules, ads and printed marketing materials.


Branding: Health Literacy Partners

Health literacy partners logo
We recently worked with Dr. Terri Parnell to develop the branding for her new health literacy consulting business: Health Literacy Partners. This included developing the name, tagline, logo, letterhead, business cards, web site, e-newsletter and managing the Google pay-per-click campaign.


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