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Better Graphics For Better Messages: Before & After

Before & After: Pillars of Sustainability
When we work with clients on their web site, we often end up designing what we call “key graphics” as well. I really don’t have a better name for it. These graphics are frequently used to visualize processes or systems, as opposed to infographics, which typically show data.

These graphics, combined with key content, often get designed initially as part of a web site project, but are then utilized in presentations, print collateral, and many other places.

Here is an example of a key graphic we redesigned for the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA).


How To Reduce a 40-Minute Presentation to 59 Seconds? Video

Video is often the best way to succinctly summarize the benefits of your products or service.

It’s easy for in-person presentations, sales sheets or web site pages to use lots and lots of words to try and explain something. Many times, the longer you speak or write, you don’t always add anything meaningful. You just lose people’s attention. And once you’ve lost people’s attention, you lose control over what pieces of your message they actually hear.

Here’s a story our client shared.