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Maine Startup and Create Week: Ask the Right Questions

MSCW keynote Robyn

How do you find the right answers for your business? By asking the right questions. While attending Maine Startup and Create Week 2016 last week, I noticed a theme reoccurring in many of the sessions I attended: questions and answers. This year’s overall theme was Design & Innovation. In design school one of the first concepts of design you learn is that, at its core, design is problem solving, which means asking questions and finding solutions. Karl Cyr said in his “Client Management to Client Partnership” talk, “getting a client to think of a problem in a new way is an innovation.” Thinking about something differently involves asking questions, to really dig in and fully understand the problem at hand and the needs of those you’re dealing with. After all, it is ultimately people you are doing business with, not companies.


Learning to Pitch, From Rise of the Rest

Rise of the Rest bus in Portland, Maine

Portland Maine had a special guest last week as Steve Case rolled his bus into town for the Rise of the Rest tour. It was exciting that our city was chosen based on our growing entrepreneurial community.

His tour included visits to several area businesses, but the highlight was the evening competition where eight locals got to “pitch” their business to see who would be awarded $100,000.


5 Myths About Content Marketing For Tech


When content marketing is done effectively it can attract search engines and engage live readers. New content optimizes search results because of Google’s algorithms. High-quality content hooks web site users and helps to demonstrate your expertise and builds trust.

However, some companies that sell high tech products and services accept myths about content marketing that just aren’t true. This may lead you to reduce your efforts or budget in the area of content marketing or avoid certain strategies because you mistakenly think they won’t be effective.


How are we doing?

What is customer experience?

Customer experience is the journey from start to finish of using your product or service. It often starts long before a customer is an actual client, and back when they were a prospect researching options. A good customer experience means having your customer walk away with the best experience possible while interacting with your company; and improving the chances that they will come back to you.


Does Content Marketing Work For Tech?

Be the big fishContent Marketing is a hot new term for a method of establishing credibility that has been around for years. Consultants, developers, professionals in all sort of industries have positioned themselves as thought leaders by creating content that shows their expertise.

SEO has created new demand content-based marketing tactics.

But can products and services that are highly technical, complex or of use to only a small niche market benefit from common content marketing strategies?