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Our Maine startup branding and marketing projects

We are proud to be based in Portland, Maine. But what does it mean to be a branding and marketing firm in Maine? 

Being Maine-based isn’t just about being physically located in Maine. Our Maine startup branding and marketing projects contribute to the Maine spirit of collaboration and innovation. That’s why we love working with Maine startups to help them grow and continue making Maine a special place for businesses.


The B2B logo design process

A logo is a graphic, but it’s so much more. Logos are the face of your brand, and act as a homing beacon to attract your target audience. That’s why the B2B logo design process starts long before we start actually designing.


Case study: Launch marketing and a fresh rebrand for SimKit 

Find out how Visible Logic helped SimKit by creating a cohesive brand and executing a launch marketing strategy, so this MedTech startup could start making sales.   About our client SimKit is a medical education company whose goal is to provide timely and efficient emergency medicine (EM) simulation training for rare procedures.  The challenge SimKit was eager to launch their new product – a 12-month digital and physical curriculum – but […]


Tampons and Technology: How to Pitch or Sell Niche Products

We work with many technology companies—software, big data consulting, etc—to help them clarify their benefits, create a memorable brand and communicate their message. These specialized businesses may be pitching for investment or just trying to make a B2B sale. But they have a problem in common: they often need to sell their solution to someone who does not fully understand it. Some of the common scenarios we assist with: Writing […]


Jillian Manus’ Advice: To Accelerate, You Must Communicate

I’m a big fan of the new podcast The Pitch, from Gimlet Media.

I’m fairly new to podcasts, just starting to listen to them consistently over the past several months. So I’ve found myself eagerly on the hunt for podcasts around topics I’m interested in. This Spring, I was working toward the big pitch event that I took part in as part of Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development’s Top Gun Program.


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