What Are QR Codes?

Last week, I attended the Maine Marketing Association’s lunch & learn presentation on QR codes. The talk was led by Joe Rosenfield of Edison Press. You maybe asking yourself: What are QR codes? I will admit I was a bit of a novice in my understanding of QR or Quick Response codes, and found the presentation a great overview of what QR codes do and how they could be integrated into a marketing campaign. I’ve been seeing these funny looking codes crop up more and more, but wasn’t sure what to do with them. Or, how my clients my use them. Joe gave one definition as: QR codes area non-invasive pull media That’s bit of marketing jargon for saying that it’s a way for prospects who are interested in your product or service to actively connect with you. I actually saw another definition on QRStuff.com which makes it more clear: A QR codes is a print based hypertext link From […]


Our Most Popular Posts of 2010: What Do You Want for 2011?

I spent some time reviewing our Google Analytics to figure out our most popular content and blog posts from 2010. Here is the list of the ten most popular blog posts from 2010: 8 Essential Elements to a Comprehensive Brand Identity This posts summarizes the eight most critical elements that are necessary for creating a comprehensive brand identity. Also, if you’d like to see some case studies that accompany this piece, drop me a line and I’ll send you our portfolio book that goes along with this post. Get the Right Logo Files from Your Graphic Designer. This post explains the difference between vector and pixel-based graphic files, and also explains the difference between an eps, a jpeg or a gif file. 5 Tips to Make Your Web Site Say: “Open For Business”. Five things to keep up-to-date on your web site to make sure it looks current. Quick tip: Has your copyright date changed to 2001? Don’t Let Your […]


Kobo Ereader Review

Kobo Ereader review written by a professional book designer, with her first electronic book reader. The interface is clunky, the files are messy, but I like it.


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