Airlines: Weak Brand Identity and Poor Service Translate to No Customer Loyalty

A couple of months ago I was at a networking event and I introduced myself, as I usually do, as owning a graphic design and branding firm. My new acquaintance said they didn’t completely understand branding. They specifically mentioned that someone had told them that the airlines were an example of an industry that was not using branding effectively, and she asked me to explain. I thought it was an interesting example and a good one because I agree that none of the major US airlines is doing a good job using branding effectively. JetBlue and SouthWest are doing better than the others, but even they are lacking. My firsthand experience with the lack of airline branding This weekend I traveled to Chicago to meet with clients, potential clients and business partners as well as to visit with family and friends. I recount my story to help make the point about what goes into branding, in addition to a strong […]


I Thought WordPress Was Supposed to be Easy? 5 Myths Busted

WordPress is a widely used blogging and content management system (CMS) that many people rave about because it is free and easy to use. However, there are a lot misconceptions out there about using the tool. The idea for content management systems came as a way for non-techie people to be able to update their own web sites. In the past, if your web designer or developer created your site as pure HTML (or .asp or .php, etc.) you would not be able to make updates without also understanding the coding behind the pages. We’ve all heard horror stories of small business owners who need a simple update to their web site, but it takes their web developer two weeks and $100 to make the change. Using a tool like WordPress empowers the business owner to make updates on their own. If they spot a typo or want to update information on the site they can do it themselves quickly […]


Small Business Owners Demand Royalty-Free Photos

Our typical design client at Visible Logic is a small business. This could be a one-person operation (such as Cream & Sugar Bakery) or a regional bank (such as Androscoggin Bank). We don’t have any Fortune 500 clients, and we’re OK with that. We love working closely with the leadership team or owner of a small business and helping them to understand and harness the power of effective web design, branding and print marketing. Small businesses are the majority of businesses in the U.S. and any service-based business has to learn how to work with small business owners. Today I was thinking about the fact that there are so many business owners who have a budget-conscious, do-it-themselves mentality. This has led to the fact that we pretty much exclusively use royalty-free photos these days. When I started in design, the idea of royalty-free photos didn’t exist. If you didn’t hire a photographer for a custom shoot, you used what was […]


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