2017 Web Design Trends

the evolution of Web Design

When we examine trends, it’s helpful to look at where we’ve come from, where we are now, and in what direction we’re headed.

We’ve clearly come a long way in the evolution of web sites to our current web standards, but it seems that most web sites aren’t as fully developed as they could be. Instead, they’ve become cookie cutter.

There is a sameness to them—that is an outgrowth of some very practical issues—but often their lack of customization makes them less than ideal for the web site owner.


WordCamp Maine 2014

This post was written by DeAnne Curran a senior designer and developer here at Visible Logic.

I am proud that I had a chance to speak at Maine’s very first WordCamp, August 15-16, 2014. I was a participant on the design panel, and got to share with the group some thoughts on our process, the tools we use and design trends.

If you are a client of Visible Logic that has had a WordPress walk through with me then you know I can’t stop raving about how much I love WordPress. What’s not to love, it’s easy to use for our clients and has lots of features and built-ins that make our work easier plus the ability to create something totally custom.


Everyone is Using the Same Cheap Royalty Free Images. How Does that Affect Your Brand?

If you haven’t noticed, the bar for the quality of photos used in most marketing materials is extremely low. It seems that everyone wants the benefit of photography without paying much for it.

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is why photography so often plays a critical role in a web design, printed marketing materials, book cover design, etc. But it seems like very few people have the budget to pay for a photographer, so more and more we rely on stock photography and royalty-free photography. (Read this for an explanation of the difference between stock and royalty-free photos.)

As a designer, I have many clients who expect photography as part of a design solution but are not prepared for the extra costs, therefore we are forced to use these same low-cost options. Here at Visible Logic, the other designers and I have learned to quickly sort through the loads of poor-quality photos and find those diamonds in the rough.

With our experienced eye we can:

  • sort though and determine which photos are the best
  • crop them in a way to make them look better
  • colorize them or apply another treatment to create a more distinct look for them
  • integrate them into a design so that they become part of a larger (better) design solution

Don’t Trust Any Designers Opinion on the New Microsoft Logo

Microsoft's new logo

This week there was big news in the logo and branding arena: Microsoft had a new logo after 25 years of use with the old one.

As someone who blogs about design, branding and business, I was ready to jump on the story and give my opinion.

Microsoft users have often had no choice

The problem is that compared to most Americans, I really don’t know Microsoft very well. Microsoft is one the largest US businesses. With their Office and Windows products, their brand is woven into the tapestry of American business. There are so many people who rely on Windows for their PC computer and Office products such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Many of these people haven’t ever shopped for an alternative because they were given these products at work and have used them without much questioning for years, if not decades.


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