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8 Tips for A Better Contact Us Page on Your Web Site

On nearly every web site, there is the ubiquitous Contact Us button. What should you find there? Eight key elements to add to your contact us page.

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Making Ideas Happen: 11 Takeaways from the 99% Conference

Last week I went to New York to attend Behance’s 99% conference. The conference gets it’s name from a quotation from Thomas Edison: Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration. The conference is focused on getting creative people, those who generally don’t have problems generating ideas, to be able to bring the ideas to reality. I truly enjoyed the variety of people I met and spoke with at the event. There were definitely a large number of graphic designers in the audience but there were also web and software developers, educators, film makers, industrial designers, business coaches and more. The line-up of speakers was unconventional, but well curated and motivating. Whenever I take time away from work and family to attend a conference or networking event I find myself evaluating whether it was worth my time. It’s usually my time that I miss more than money when I feel that an event was not worth it. The 99% Conference was… Continue Reading »


Small Business Owners Demand Royalty-Free Photos

Our typical design client at Visible Logic is a small business. This could be a one-person operation (such as Cream & Sugar Bakery) or a regional bank (such as Androscoggin Bank). We don’t have any Fortune 500 clients, and we’re OK with that. We love working closely with the leadership team or owner of a small business and helping them to understand and harness the power of effective web design, branding and print marketing. Small businesses are the majority of businesses in the U.S. and any service-based business has to learn how to work with small business owners. Today I was thinking about the fact that there are so many business owners who have a budget-conscious, do-it-themselves mentality. This has led to the fact that we pretty much exclusively use royalty-free photos these days. When I started in design, the idea of royalty-free photos didn’t exist. If you didn’t hire a photographer for a custom shoot, you used what was… Continue Reading »