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My Experiment with Online Printing

An examination of online printing, including a comparison of digital vs. offset printing.

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Business Cards, Printed Using an Online Printer

This is part 2 in the series about the pros and cons of online printing. Read the first part. Several months ago, I redesigned the Visible Logic web site. We reorganized and updated the content of the site and at the same time, introduced a new tagline. While the overall branding was not new, we made some adjustments and freshened things up a bit. You can read more about the process in this newsletter archive. After doing that, I decided that our business cards really should be updated too, to reflect these changes. As you may imagine, a graphic designer designing the business cards for their own company is a painful and prolonged production. We’re our own worst client. So, I hemmed and mulled and tinkered and got a design I sort of liked. I really needed new cards, and really needed to order cards for a designer on staff, so I decided to print some online just to see… Continue Reading »


Image Resolution Explained

Running a design studio means that I receive frequent requests for images. Usually it is a client requesting a jpg image. It could be a jpg image of a photo that was used within a web site design or it could be a jpg file of a completed book cover design. How are you going to use the image? I nearly always find myself replying to the request by asking for more information. I am not trying to be annoying, I just need to know how an image is to be used so that I can provide the best image possible for your usage. Let me briefly state that jpgs, gifs and tifs do not resize very well (the reason is content for another blog post, but just take my word). Therefore, I need to know the following: What size will the image will be? Is this going to be a thumbnail photo of the book cover design, or will… Continue Reading »


How to Communicate with a Graphic Designer

Tell us the problem, not the solution. So you’ve decided to hire a graphic designer to design your logo, build your web site or layout the cover and interior of your book. Generally, you make this decision because you realize that working with a professional will give higher-quality results than doing it yourself. However, designers go to art school or design school and seem to speak their own lingo: white space, leading, css style sheets and divs. You may not understand all the terminology. That doesn’t mean that your opinions shouldn’t be expressed. But forget all that and get back to what you see, and what you have an issue with when you are reviewing your designer’s work. Here are a few examples that I’ve experienced: You say: “Make it bold.” What you meant was: “Make it more noticeable.” There are many ways to make text more noticeable. It can be bolded, it can be larger, it can be put… Continue Reading »