The B2B logo design process

A logo is a graphic, but it’s so much more. Logos are the face of your brand, and act as a homing beacon to attract your target audience. That’s why the B2B logo design process starts long before we start actually designing.


99 Things Your Graphic Designer Can Do For You

99ThingsMake it pretty.

It’s a statement that most graphic designers hate to hear. As a group we get sick of feeling like design is just decoration. If you work with a highly qualified, experienced and well-rounded designer, you should expect so much more.

Designers don’t just make things look pretty…

  1. I take a vague idea that’s in your head and make it a reality.
  2. I make your text easier to read.
  3. I educate your buyers.
  4.

Is Your Logo Important? McDonalds Vs. Zappos

As a follow up to my last post setting out to define some of the terms that are used within conversations about branding, I want to give some examples of brands that have a logo that is central to their entire brand, and others who have their brand much more defined by other elements.

As I started out saying in my last post, there seems to be an ongoing argument about how important a logo is to a brand. Is your logo the same as your brand? Is a logo a part of your brand? Is your logo completely inconsequential to your brand? I would answer that it depends on what you’ve done with your logo along with other elements that make up your brand.


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