Best Maine nonprofit branding and marketing projects

At Visible Logic, we love working on Maine nonprofit branding and marketing projects because we get the chance to help organizations that are invested in improving our local communities. 

Read on to learn about how we’ve helped Maine nonprofits make Maine – and the world – a better place.


Case study: Nonprofit marketing and branding for MTI

Maine Technology Institute (MTI) is a state-funded, public-private partnership that gives funding to Maine entrepreneurs that are developing innovative businesses, products, and services.

As a critical part of funding innovative business in Maine, MTI partners with entrepreneurs, publicly-traded companies, nonprofits, government organizations, trade groups, venture capital firms, and more. This mix of audiences presents some branding and marketing challenges.

Read on to learn more about how we’ve been helping MTI with nonprofit branding and marketing projects since 2018.


Case Study: Cohesive Rebranding After Acquisition for a Texas Roofer

Roof Master is a roofing company based in Lubbock, Texas that specializes in repairing and replacing roofs with weather-related damage. With new ownership, Roof Master faced the challenge of rebranding after acquisition. They reached out to Visible Logic to better differentiate the business from other local competitors.  Roof Master knew that they excelled at helping people navigate roof repair insurance claims. We helped Roof Master create messaging and a visual […]


Case study: Launch marketing and a fresh rebrand for SimKit 

Find out how Visible Logic helped SimKit by creating a cohesive brand and executing a launch marketing strategy, so this MedTech startup could start making sales.   About our client SimKit is a medical education company whose goal is to provide timely and efficient emergency medicine (EM) simulation training for rare procedures.  The challenge SimKit was eager to launch their new product – a 12-month digital and physical curriculum – but […]


Case Study: Increasing Membership and Engagement for Association for Consulting Expertise (ACE)

The Association for Consulting Expertise (ACE) is a Portland-based organization that helps consultants, coaches, and other solo professionals develop their skills and network to expand their reach.  ACE was experiencing declining membership and needed an event marketing strategy to reach new memberships and renew interest in the organization.  Visible Logic helped ACE strengthen their messaging about membership benefits as well as setting them up with training and resources to continue […]


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