How to Hire the Right Person to Build the Website You Need

Have you been burned by a website project? Wrapped up a project to find it wasn’t what you expected? It’s difficult for business owners to know how to select the best team or person to create their website. Understanding what you need and the types of services available will help you make the best selection for your business.


How to Properly Set up Google Analytics

Setting up Google Analytics will allow you to start collecting valuable data from your website. A free service offered by Google, Analytics will show insights into a website’s traffic and what actions the users are taking while navigating around the web pages.  Creation The first step is to create your account and login simply. Following this link, you will be able to create your account by clicking “Start for free,” […]


Do I Need A Privacy Policy on My Website?

Privacy Policy

When we work on web sites for our clients one of things I always ask is for them to provide content for a privacy policy. Many of our clients are surprised that we are asking for this as they may not have a policy written up, even if they already have a web site live for their business.

To help you understand why you need a privacy policy and the important details you should consider, I asked Adam Nyhan to provide some insight. Adam Nyhan is an attorney affiliated with Opticliff Law, LLC and a former General Counsel at a New York software firm.


Visible Logic Welcomes Liz Seward and Kyle Erwin

I’m excited to announce that we have two new employees here at Visible Logic! Liz Seward has joined us a marketing manager. Liz has worked with Visible Logic on several projects including Maine Startup and Create Week and the Maine Marathon, and now she will be a regular team member. Liz’s background and strengths will have her coordinating marketing activities for our clients, assisting with strategic communications for our larger […]


Why Startups Fail: No Clear Differentiator

I recently viewed this video created by the University of Chicago’s Business School. It highlights three Professors of Entrepreneurship as they talk about why so many startups fail.

The video is about 30 minutes long but within the first eight minutes it becomes clear that one of the main reasons startups fail is because the business owner or founder is unable to explain clearly what their differentiators are.


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