Essential Elements for Your Software’s Website

After months — and perhaps even years — of developing your software or app, you’re finally ready to launch it. But the work isn’t done. You still need a website. Because, regardless of how innovative or invaluable your app or software may be, it won’t be successful without an effective website to help market, promote and sell it.  At Visible Logic, we’ve built several award-winning websites for successful software and app companies. We’ve worked with startups like ReMo, an EdTech software that won the top prize in Maine Center for Entrepreneurs’ accelerator pitch-off. We also support later-stage software companies like DAVO, which recently announced they were successfully acquired. While we custom build each website to fit the unique needs or functionality of the app or software it promotes, we’ve noticed there are several common elements to these websites — regardless of whether it’s for a financial app or educational software. Here are essential elements for your website that we incorporate […]


Build, Explain, Brand, Market: 4 Steps to a Successful Business Launch

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a business owner who has been working over the past year to launch her business and define exactly how she will bring her offerings to market. I was part of a team of volunteers helping this entrepreneur who was struggling with how to present and sell her workshops that are in the area of corporate wellness. She wanted help with what benefits and messaging would resonate most with her buyers.

I tell you about this scenario as a way to demonstrate the journey many business owners go on as they build their business, develop a brand, and then market their product or service.

It’s helpful to think about this journey in four steps. And most of all, I want to show you why it’s best to complete this work in a progressive way.


A Proven Process for Naming Your Company

The name of your business is the most central asset and core essence of your brand. It’s the kernel at the heart of it all.

A name that’s difficult to say, or is confusing in anyway will make it so much harder to succeed.

However, only a small percentage of business owners develop their name in a systematic way.

As a branding firm, it is far more common for us to have a name provided to us when we work on a branding project. Only occasionally do we start our work engagement by developing a name. In most cases, names are just brainstormed by business owners, their friends and colleagues.

Frequently these names are not memorable, try too hard to be creative, or worst of all, are just off the mark. When you come up with your own name for your own business, it can be challenging to see clearly if you’re making a good decision.

People name their babies every day, what’s different about naming a company, product or brand?


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