Case study: Launch marketing and a fresh rebrand for SimKit 

January 9, 2024 | B2B Marketing, Branding and Rebranding, Case Studies and Our Work, Launch Marketing Strategy, Website Design and Redesign

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Find out how Visible Logic helped SimKit by creating a cohesive brand and executing a launch marketing strategy, so this MedTech startup could start making sales.  

About our client

SimKit is a medical education company whose goal is to provide timely and efficient emergency medicine (EM) simulation training for rare procedures. 

The challenge

SimKit was eager to launch their new product – a 12-month digital and physical curriculum – but they were held back by their confusing branding. They needed a strong and cohesive brand, a launch marketing strategy, and ongoing marketing support.  

Visible Logic stepped in to help them rename and rebrand their business to appeal to their target audience, as well as create a launch plan for their website and products. 

The solution

A New Name 

SimKit came to us with the name HALO Med. They first reached out to us as a Branding Compass client – hoping to get a bit of guidance on their branding so they could do their marketing themselves. 

Once the client understood everything that was involved in rebranding and developing a successful launch plan, they agreed that they would be better served as a Visible Logic client.

We immediately knew that HALO Med would need a new name. HALO, a specialized acronym that describes procedures as High Acuity Low Occurrence, was not commonly known even among the client’s specialized target audience of EM clinicians. The word HALO was also challenging for search and trademark purposes because of how commonly it is used in other sectors.

Visible Logic conducted discovery work to understand the target audience’s pain points, fears, and motivations. We decided on the name SimKit. Not only does this name clearly communicate the product – boxes of simulation training materials – but it also helped address a fear that simulation training can only happen in long, costly training sessions. In contrast, SimKit provides simulation training on the go, in highly portable “kits”. 

New visual identity

Along with a new name, SimKit needed a new logo and brand identity. It was important for SimKit that their logo clearly positioned them in the healthcare industry, while still looking clean and inviting. 

Visible Logic designed a logo using a softer medicinal blue. The logo also incorporated the shape of a box, clearly communicating what product SimKit provides. Along with a logo, we provided a full brand guide and custom designed each of SimKit’s 12 shipping boxes. 


HaloMed logo


SimKit Logo

“We just had our advisory committee meeting and showed off your awesome work. People were very impressed!”

– Dr. Jason Hine, SimKit Founder

Website design and development 

Physical simulation kits are only one half of what SimKit provides. They also developed accompanying digital lessons for simulation training. 

Visible Logic worked with SimKit to select learning management and member management systems. We then made sure that those systems, along with their e-commerce store, were seamlessly integrated with their website to ensure a smooth customer journey. 


halo med old site design


simkit website

Launch Marketing

Visible Logic planned for the launch in stages. First, we launched in a beta stage, to ensure that all website modules were integrated and working correctly. Then we announced a presale, and finally we launched on July 5th, 2023. Each stage of the launch marketing strategy included promotional emails and social media posts. 

Keeping the Momentum Going 

Following a smooth launch, Visible Logic stepped has developed a multi-channel campaign to attract customers.

Trade shows

We identified physician conferences as an opportunity for SimKit to demonstrate the value of their curriculum directly to their target audience. Visible Logic created banner graphics, postcards, stickers, and designed a compelling booth for SimKit. We also designed custom temporary tattoos that conference participants could place on their body, drumming up interest in SimKit. 

tradebooth design

Lead-capturing Interactive Quiz

Any startup has the initial challenge of building their email list, and SimKit was no different. We built an interactive quiz as a lead magnet. This short quiz was featured on their website, as well as a trade show. 

Interest group ads

SimKit has a very specific and specialized audience – emergency medicine clinicians. In order to laser-target that audience, Visible Logic created ads to run in special interest groups that pertain to physicians. 

Social Media

When SimKit started working with us, they had virtually no social media presence and only posted content sporadically. We created a content calendar to ensure consistent posting, and created social media content. Visible Logic then generated a list of ideas and graphic templates to help SimKit create their own organic content. Then, we built look-alike audiences on Meta to serve ads to just the right people.

Results: A successful launch and a growing audience 

As a result of a successful launch marketing strategy and ongoing marketing efforts, SimKit has been able to make those crucial early sales and secure funding to support their growth. 

Here is what they had to say about working with Visible Logic: 

“Visible Logic has delivered for us, and we have been very happy with their services.”

– Sue Rose-Norfleet, Chief Operating Officer, SimKit

Visible Logic is proud to continue helping SimKit market their product to more emergency medicine physicians. 

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