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When we work with clients on their web site, we often end up designing what we call “key graphics” as well. I really don’t have a better name for it. These graphics are frequently used to visualize processes or systems, as opposed to infographics, which typically show data.

These graphics, combined with key content, often get designed initially as part of a web site project, but are then utilized in presentations, print collateral, and many other places.

Here is an example of a key graphic we redesigned for the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA).

Before & After: Pillars of Sustainability
Before & After: Pillars of Sustainability


What does it mean?

The original graphic had been referred to internally as the Pillars of Sustainability. It is used in presentations to demonstrate and promote their Best Aquaculture Practices Certification program. It is also used to educate stakeholders about the fact that sustainability is not just one thing; it encompasses many issues across the full production chain. It is meant to show that the Best Aquaculture Practices Certification program is the most comprehensive standard available.

However, their literal interpretation of the word pillar not only looked amateur, it detracted from showing the integrated nature of their sustainability program. These pillars are not silos, but four intertwined areas of emphasis. And traceability is a critical element that supported all four areas.

The redesigned graphic is clearly shows the integrated and holistic focus of their sustainability mission.

From graphics to web site to print

The redesigned graphic is used on their web site in an interactive form. As each “pillar” is revealed, that area switches to a photograph and supportive text accompanies the image.


The key graphic integrated into their web site in an interactive format.

Also, the graphic, along with additional explanatory text has become a key informational piece for the organization. It has been placed in PowerPoint for live presentations and used in print-based educational collateral.


Printed version of the redesigned Pillars of Sustainability graphic

This idea of integrated pillars is very important to showing the GAA’s mission for certifying sustainability aquaculture. Now they have a graphic that easily visualizes their comprehensive mission and effectively delivers their message.

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