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Logo design: before and after

It’s always a pleasure to help a company or organization portray themselves more professionally by redesigning their logo. While it can be tough to track logos to real ROI for businesses, an updated brand identity can signal to internal members and external audiences a new direction for a business or just renewed pride and energy as you continue on in the same direction.

The Northeast Association of REALTORS came to Visible Logic ready to do just that: Improve their image as the best local, professional association for REALTORS in northeast Massachusetts.  As a friendly and professional resource, they wanted their logo to mirror those characteristics through the use of bright colors and clean typography. Since their educational and community-based services is focused on their members and not specifically on real estate sales, it was important that their new logo design avoid the clichéd image of a house.

Instead, Visible Logic created a graphic component that suggests the connection and camaraderie that can be found through The Northeast Association of REALTORS membership. As their new logo emphasizes, the organization offers an opportunity for REALTORS to come together to learn, grow, and work on community projects, regardless of their company affiliation.

  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0000_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0001_2.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0002_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0003_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0004_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0005_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0006_7.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0007_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0008_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0009_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0010_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0011_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0012_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0013_8.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0014_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0015_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0016_9.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0017_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0018_10.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0019_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0020_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0021_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0022_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0023_11.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0024_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0025_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0026_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0027_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0028_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0029_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0030_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0031_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0032_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0033_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0034_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0035_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0036_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0037_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0038_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0039_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0040_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0041_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0042_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0043_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0044_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0045_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0046_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0047_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0048_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0049_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0050_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0051_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0052_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0053_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0054_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0055_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0056_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0057_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0058_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0059_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0060_Vector Smart Object.jpg
  • NEAR-logo-slides-lores_0061_Background.jpg

Our logo design process always begins with a brand strategy phase where we help our clients articulate how they see themselves, who their ideal customers (or members) are, and to find a distinct position in the marketplace. After that is complete, we begin the logo design process.

Above is a quick walk-thru from our preliminary designs through to finalization.

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