99 Things Your Graphic Designer Can Do For You

April 19, 2013 | Design Basics

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99ThingsMake it pretty.

It’s a statement that most graphic designers hate to hear. As a group we get sick of feeling like design is just decoration. If you work with a highly qualified, experienced and well-rounded designer, you should expect so much more.

Designers don’t just make things look pretty…

  1. I take a vague idea that’s in your head and make it a reality.
  2. I make your text easier to read.
  3. I educate your buyers.
  4. I make the complex understandable.
  5. I turn something boring into something compelling.
  6. I interpret data.
  7. I help you sell more books.
  8. I make you look professional.
  9. I make you look like an expert.
  10. I help you charge more money.
  11. I help you attract better clients.
  12. I increase the visibility of your business.
  13. I add value to your business.
  14. I build one of the most valuable intangible assets your business can have.
  15. I make people want to keep reading.
  16. I build your credibility.
  17. I decrease your bounce rate.
  18. I increase your open rate.
  19. I help you understand why your brand identity is so important.
  20. I explain what to expect when creating a new web site.
  21. I help you launch your new business.
  22. I keep your web site up and running.
  23. I understand your ideal customer.
  24. I understand how to communicate to your prospects.
  25. I deliver your message in the most effective medium.
  26. I help you decide whether to use words, pictures or video.
  27. I tell you when you’re wasting money.
  28. I get people to trust you.
  29. I get people to like you.
  30. I make it easy for people to buy from you.
  31. I understand your business goals.
  32. I help you reach your business goals.
  33. I communicate for you.
  34. I find just the right image to convey your message.
  35. I get search engines to find your web site.
  36. I get your prospects to find your web site.
  37. I keep viewers on your web site longer.
  38. I make sure you don’t look like a DIY start up.
  39. I help your customers overcome their fears about buying from you.
  40. I help you keep up with the ever-changing world of online marketing.
  41. I help you understand why we chose a serif rather than a sans serif typeface.
  42. I focus your readers’ attention on the right words.
  43. I get your RSS feed working.
  44. I set up your Google Analytics.
  45. I show you how to read and interpret your Google Analytics data.
  46. I explain why updating your web site content is critical.
  47. I integrate your web site with your CRM.
  48. I make each e-newsletter you send have people say “wow” instead of “ugh.”
  49. I allow you to take credit card payments on your web site.
  50. I increase your email list.
  51. I stop you from sending spam.
  52. I create charts and graphs that really convey the data.
  53. I help you make your point.
  54. I make your book easy-to-read.
  55. I make your book compelling to pick up.
  56. I make your signs helpful.
  57. I make your clients comfortable.
  58. I think like a designer.
  59. I project your best image.
  60. I organize your words.
  61. I use imagery to convey your ideas.
  62. I make your words more effective.
  63. I make you look how you wish you were: approachable, smart, trust-worthy, funny, etc.
  64. I coordinate your brand identity.
  65. I give you the tools to maintain your own brand identity.
  66. I teach you how to update your web site.
  67. I give you a competitive advantage.
  68. I help you grow your business.
  69. I make your product look desirable.
  70. I don’t waste money, I increase it.
  71. I prioritize your messages.
  72. I find printers who do the job right the first time.
  73. I find the sign makers.
  74. I find the screen printers.
  75. I figure out the right label to print.
  76. I put a face on an ideal customer.
  77. I help you define your audience.
  78. I coordinate your Twitter background with your brand identity.
  79. I teach you how to use Twitter.
  80. I help you decide whether you should use Twitter.
  81. I make you more efficient with broadcasting your content.
  82. I make it easy for you to repurpose your content.
  83. I coordinate your web site, e-newsletter and social media.
  84. I set up your Facebook page and have it automatically post your new blogs.
  85. I set up your blog to automatically feed to your LinkedIn profile.
  86. I explain the difference between CMYK and RGB.
  87. I explain the difference between PMS and CMYK colors.
  88. I explain when you need offset printing, and when digital printing is OK.
  89. I make the color look right on screen and in print.
  90. I find the right paper stock.
  91. I find the right partners to produce our ideas.
  92. I pick out just the right color.
  93. I set up the files the right way so that the end result is what we were all expecting.
  94. I help you expect higher prices.
  95. I get people to take you seriously.
  96. I get people to take your business seriously.
  97. I get people to think you’re the real deal.
  98. I help you earn respect.
  99. I build your brand identity.

What can you add? What has your designer done for you?


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