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Should-I-Start-A-Blog-YesWriting a blog for your business can be a great way to market your product or services. Starting a blog can feel a bit overwhelming, but the effort can be worthwhile.

Here are 7 reasons why you should add a blog to your company’s web site and how to do it right.

  1. New content is good for SEO. This is probably the number one reason people try blogging. They hear of the SEO benefits of adding new, relevant, keyword-rich content to their web site. A blog is the perfect format for adding new content.
  2. Blogs give you a chance to show your talent or expertise. Most business web sites showcase the products or services of a company, and the benefits of using them. But sometimes there isn’t a place to give more detail about the thought process that went into developing a new product or product feature. A blog can be a place where you’re able to do that. In the process, you’ll give your prospects insight into how your company works, or how your team thinks.
  3. Blogs can be a place to put all sorts of different content. It can be overwhelming to to think about writing a new article for each blog post. However, if you think of your blog as a place where you can put other company or industry news, you’ll find it easier to come up with topics. You can write about new hires, new services, new features on old products, or just note or comment on other news relevant to your industry and to your readers.
  4. Your blog doesn’t have to be called “blog”. Some people have preconceived ideas about what is good blog content, and it scares them to think about creating that type of content. Instead, think about any announcements you’d like to make. If it makes it less intimidating, call it your News section or your article library. News items tend to be short and factual. Article libraries are often longer, but can be added to infrequently. Either or both of these ideas may make more sense than calling it a blog.
  5. Blogs answer your prospect’s questions. Your prospects are out searching the internet trying to get answers. They may be looking for a company like yours to provide a service or sell them a product. Or, they may just want to learn more about something that relates to your expertise. Think about the questions you hear from prospects and clients and turn them into blog posts. You’ve now written a blog post and shown yourself as an expert in the eyes of your prospects.
  6. Blogs give you something to promote in social media. Many of our new clients complain that they don’t know what to say or share on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. When you have a blog, you instantly have content to share and promote.
  7. Connect your blog to your e-newsletter and make both more successful. People also complain about not knowing what content to use in a newsletter. If you are already able to pull together a regular newsletter, make each of those into a blog post and you’ve got yourself a blog. Going forward, write the blog first, and then link your newsletter over to your blog. You’ll get the SEO juice from the new blog posts and you’ll be able to track clicks from your newsletter.

We like to develop our clients’ sites in WordPress, which makes adding a blog easy to setup and easy to maintain. However, don’t fool yourself, writing regular blog posts is hard work and time consuming. Read our 7 Signs that You’re Not Ready To Have a Blog.

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