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3 Videos Software Companies Need

Many software developers think that if a customer tries their software, they’ll love it and want to buy it. Even with free trials or limited-featured demo software, many buyers are reluctant to test out software directly.

Your prospects may have restrictive policies or firewalls from their IT department that prohibit them from installing applications on their computer or phone. Or, they may not want to be pestered by a sales person when they enter the often required information necessary to access a free trial. And, realistically, you may not want to have to follow up with every unqualified, early-stage lead.

Yet, your potential buyers are curious about the benefits of your software. They may want to experience the UI and see how intuitive it would be to accomplish their routine tasks.

Video is an effective medium to highlight key benefits and allow prospects to experience your software without installing it.

Here are three types of videos you need to sell your software and grow your business.

The Software Demo Video

A software demo video shows prospects what it’s like to use the software without having to buy or even install a free trial. These demo videos are usually created with a screen casting type of tool and allow viewers to experience the look and feel of the user interface.

Software demo videos tend to be features-driven as you walk a prospect through how the software functions to complete typical tasks. Depending on the complexity of your software, you may require more than one demo video to showcase a long list of core features.

Below is an example of a video we created for ClaimVantage. This three-minute video highlights the main features of the software solution.

The Business Benefits Video

While software developers often want to start with a demo video because it showcases everything a software can accomplish, a video that highlights the business benefits of a software may be critical to moving a sale forward.

Whether it’s a small-scale low-cost app, or an enterprise-level Saas product, there is nearly always a cost for implementing a new software solution. There are one-time purchasing, installation or consultation fees and there may be on-going licensing fees. Indirectly, there can be time spent training staff on the new tool and transferring or uploading data.

That means that the decision to purchase a new piece of software involves thinking beyond just the features. A video that highlights the ROI of choosing the software is often critical. And it’s also important that this type of video does not get mired in the technology language. Make it understandable to all the stakeholders who are weighing in on the purchasing decision.

Below is a video we created for SwiftMeap, as you can see, it highlights the benefits (the ability to access sales and field service records offline), rather than the technology and features.

The pitch or highlights video

You may find that you are pitching your software to a wide variety of people. For example, you may be looking for investors or partners, and these audiences will never be actual buyers. They don’t want to know about the technological specs and they don’t require quite the level of detail as you’d put into a business benefits video.

I usually refer to this video as the pitch or highlights video. It’s very helpful for quickly telling your story about why your software matters.

Here is an example of a “How it Works” video we created for Davo Technologies’ Sales Tax product. As our client likes to remark, this covered in less than one minute what can take him upwards of an hour to explain.

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