7 SEO Tips for Software Startups 

Most startups have one goal on their mind – growth. And a great way to grow your potential customer base is to drive more people to your website. That’s where SEO comes in. Read on to learn 7 SEO tips for software startups. 


Best Maine nonprofit branding and marketing projects

At Visible Logic, we love working on Maine nonprofit branding and marketing projects because we get the chance to help organizations that are invested in improving our local communities. 

Read on to learn about how we’ve helped Maine nonprofits make Maine – and the world – a better place.


How important is SEO for referral businesses?

SEO is a long term strategy that is constantly changing. Some businesses need to devote many resources to SEO in order to make a dent in their competitive landscape. For other businesses, pouring resources into SEO can mean that you’re wasting money and time.

Read on to learn about how much SEO strategy you should invest in for your website.


Case study: Nonprofit marketing and branding for MTI

Maine Technology Institute (MTI) is a state-funded, public-private partnership that gives funding to Maine entrepreneurs that are developing innovative businesses, products, and services.

As a critical part of funding innovative business in Maine, MTI partners with entrepreneurs, publicly-traded companies, nonprofits, government organizations, trade groups, venture capital firms, and more. This mix of audiences presents some branding and marketing challenges.

Read on to learn more about how we’ve been helping MTI with nonprofit branding and marketing projects since 2018.


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