Five ways to improve your professional services website

COVID-19 has made your business’ website more important than ever. Here’s how to make sure it’s up to the task. Because those in professional services sell their time instead of products, the COVID-19 pandemic has been especially devastating. How do you find leads if you can’t network or go to conferences? How do you provide a client with expertise if you can’t meet in person? What are you supposed to do if your business requires you to go into someone’s home (e.g. plumber or electrician)? Your professional services website may hold the answers to these questions. Before — because most of your business was conducted in person — your website may not have been a top priority. Now, in these times of social distancing and quarantine, it’s the critical link between your business and its clients. So, if your website has just the bare minimum or you’ve been merely “keeping the lights on”, it’s time to focus on improving it. […]


Get Your Website Built Without Getting Burned

Have you been burned by a website project? Wrapped up a project to find it wasn’t what you expected? It’s difficult for business owners to know how to select the best team or person to create their website. Understanding what you need and the types of services available will help you make the best selection for your business.


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