Our Design Process

Our goal is to communicate effectively to targeted audiences. Sometimes your message needs to blast out from a chaotic backdrop of competing expressions; other times you need to inform an already attentive reader. Sometimes communication needs to sizzle and sell; other times it needs to clarify or educate.

A well-designed message can position your brand to look unique, capable and strong enough to go head-to-head with any competitor of any size.

Using your input—gathered through discussion, research or your own written materials—we formulate a message that melds the written word with a visual layout. We help you clarify your message, analyze the best method for communication, research your competitors and discuss options that work with your budget.

The design process: define, explore, refine, produce


Before we get started, we spend time with you learning about your goals for the project, your budget, your audience, your timeline. You will receive a detailed proposal for estimated fees, additional expenses and a production schedule.

This critical first phase is essential for us to understand how you want to position your product or organization and how our design work will develop and enhance your brand identity.

We never jump into designing anything without learning about your current brand identity (if it exists), market opportunities and ideal clients. Our holistic approach includes understanding you and your offerings, your competitors, and your target audience.

Additionally, this when we research production and development options, organize information, and gather materials.


In this phase, we sketch, prototype, and create design mockups both internally and to share with you. While we use the term sketch, these are usually computer generated.

On nearly every project we work on, Visible Logic will give you options for design that show a variety of messaging, color usage, typography, organization, imagery, etc.


Based on your feedback, we make adjustments to the preliminary designs. We typically allow for three rounds of feedback, edits and exploration.


This is the meat of getting from “concept” to reality.

For a web site, it means translating mockups into HTML, CSS and customizing WordPress. The production phase includes final development of the site as well debugging, browser checks, adding content and graphics.

For a logo design, we prepare the final vector-based eps files, confirm your color palette in color and black and white, then we pull together a logo library for you.

For printed pieces, infographics or videos it means doing the final edits and prepare to print, launch or promote.