About Us

About Visible Logic

Smart people like to work with other smart people, right?

We have a particular interest and affinity for working with complex products and services. Branding for software companies, content-marketing for technology products, those are the projects we excel at and we can make you business shine.

Visible Logic, Inc. is a Portland, Maine-based design and branding firm working with clients across the US and Europe. We serve small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups who want to use high-quality design to help them compete with companies of all sizes.

We work across all media—print, web, identity or publishing projects—helping our clients build a consistent brand that is compelling and appropriate. We work on a wide breadth of projects including:

  • Brand identity: including naming, logo design, letterhead and complete visual branding
  • Brand strategy: including competitive research, audience research and developing key differentiators
  • Content-based marketing: including key messages, blog writing, infographics, and social media
  • Web design and development: including web sites, e-commerce sites, and html e-newsletters
  • Print-based marketing: including printed marketing, sales and collateral materials, tradebooth graphics and printed advertising
  • Book design: including book covers and interiors for both printed and e-book distribution

In our most successful projects, the words, the pictures, the structure and attitude of a piece all work together to reinforce a well-defined message.

The small size of the shop ensures you will receive personal attention; and our capabilities across media makes us the ideal choice when you want a unique, consistent and compelling look on a series of projects and in different media.

Established in 2001, Visible Logic was based in Chicago before relocating to Portland, Maine in 2005. We work with clients both in the US and internationally, including: London; Chicago; Dublin; NYC; New Jersey; LA; Boston; Minnesota; and of course, Maine. With the internet, phones, and overnight shipping we can work with you wherever you are located.