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Visible Logic is a B2B branding agency for startups preparing to launch, companies that are pivoting, and organizations in transition. Whether you need a redesigned website, refreshed brand, or new product launch marketing, we bring the brand and marketing strategy to support your growth.

We drive growth with effective branding and marketing
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Brand Direction

We use Branding Compass – our proprietary online branding tool – to uncover the unique elements of your brand.

Roadmap to Success 

Roadmap to Success 

We start every project with auditing your past and current marketing efforts. Then, we work in 90-day sprints to move the needle forward on all of your marketing goals. 

Navigation Towards Growth 

Navigation Towards Growth 

We give you the tools you need to keep moving forward as your marketing needs evolve, including setting KPIs, providing training, and templates.

Our Clients

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been bringing experience to startups, attention to nonprofits, strategic thinking to web experiences and messages to the masses. Ready for us to do the same for your organization?


Brand identity and go-to market strategy

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Branding Agency Portland Maine Visible Logic

B2B Companies

Marketing for new service or product launch

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Strategic rebranding and marketing

Branding Agency Portland Maine Visible Logic
Branding Agency Portland Maine Visible Logic
Branding Agency Portland Maine Visible Logic

Want to learn how you can clearly communicate your complex product?

Download this 20+ page guide on how you can improve your messaging so you can increase sales and attract investors. Comes with a free personalized messaging assessment!

Is your business idea hard to explain and confusing to prospects?

Visible Logic is a Portland Maine based B2B branding agency, and our experts will make what you do easy to understand and impossible to ignore. We specialize in branding, messaging, websites, and marketing for innovative services, technical products, and specialized software.

“We grew incredibly quickly after we launched our product. We went from zero to almost $700,000 in revenue in 2019, and we had seven international distributors.”

–Jodi Breau, Founder, | Dental Lace
Our Services

Our branding agency, based in Portland Maine, specializes in branding, design services and customized marketing solutions for complex brands across the US.

Branding Agency Portland Maine Visible Logic


Identities that attract customers

Branding Agency Portland Maine Visible Logic


Comprehensive digital experiences

Branding Agency Portland Maine Visible Logic


Digital marketing, strategy & research

Branding Agency Portland Maine Visible Logic


Award-winning graphic designs

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Branding Compass is an online branding tool created by Visible Logic. Branding Compass helps you uncover your brand fundamentals, such as unique value propositions, customer profiles, and style guidelines. We use Branding Compass to start every project off with a strong brand identity.