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Twitter Would Have Failed Without Design

When I first heard about Twitter, I thought it was pretty stupid. I didn’t care to read the banalities of someone’s Tweets as they ate, waited, shopped, etc. I’m not alone in questioning its merit, there are many, many articles wondering what the long term impact of Twitter will be. However, in the short term, Twitter is growing like crazy, with more than 32 million accessing twitter.com in April of this year. So it is obviously appealing to some, at least enough to set up and test it out once or twice. Picture Twitter Without the Design Recently, Twitter has experienced frequent outages and over-capacity issues. The other day, I went to twitter.com and the page content (HTML) loaded but the CSS style sheet did not. Below is what the login screen looks like without the benefit of design. If you thought Twitter was mundane when it’s working correctly, it’s much worse without the benefit of design. Seeing this twitter.com… Continue Reading »


What Should Your Logo Do For You?

Last week I was at an in-person networking event of the LinkedIn Maine Entrepreneurs group. I met someone who had recently started their own company and he told me that he gave up on trying to get a logo designed and decided to move ahead without a logo. I’m not going to mention names or go into the details of his business, as it’s not important for this story, but let me tell you the gist of what he said. “We tried working with two different designers and neither one produced anything we liked.”  He continued: “I think that a well-designed logo should be able to stand on it’s own. And that someone looking at it, without seeing the business name, should know exactly what the company does.” Honestly, I was floored. I do not think this is the way to judge the merits of a logo, and here’s why: You can’t illustrate all business concepts: If a logo is… Continue Reading »


How to Keep your Brand Looking Fresh

In my last post, I wrote about the importance of consistency in branding. However, I want to take the time to also talk about ways to keep your identity and branding from looking stale. Probably the most important thing to keep in mind is that your brand is a living entity and will experience growth and change. The key is to have enough elements remain consistent that you can play with other elements. Timeless brands are like timeless fashions A good analogy is how individuals wear their clothes and style their hair. There are some people who are always up-to-date with fashion: if you first met them in 1982 and they were wearing parachute pants, you may not be surprised to see them in 1992 wearing an oversized flannel shirt. In contrast, there are some people who have a timeless style. They purchase classic clothes, and are never very trendy. A third group is those folks who seem stuck in… Continue Reading »