Updating and Maintaining Your WordPress Site

WordPress updatesGreat choice! You’ve built your web site using WordPress. It is our preferred CMS and the tool we use to build all of our client web sites here at Visible Logic.

Now that your site is launched, you want to keep the content updated and site maintained.


Maine Referendum Questions: Three Lessons in How NOT to Brand

Maie 2016 Referendum question logos

Here in Maine, like many states, we are facing an increasing number of referendum questions at the voting box each election season. This year in Maine, citizens are being asked to answer yes or no on five questions with topics ranging from legalizing marijuana to background checks for gun purchases to ranked choice voting, among other issues.

Like every product or service out there, referendum questions need good branding to help promote their message and gain traction. They need visuals that are meaningful and memorable.


Email Lists: Core To All Digital Marketing

Written by Amanda Johnson, Marketing Communications Specialist here at Visible Logic & Mail on the Mark

Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference 2016. I recently attended the Agents of Change Conference here in Portland, Maine. I have attended this conference for the past 3 years, and one thing that was mentioned several times and among multiple speakers is that you must continue to nurture and grow your email list.


2017 Web Site Redesign Checklist

2017 Web Site Redesign Checklist

It’s that time of year. You may be creating a budget with plans to upgrade your web site in 2017. Or, you may be hoping to fast-pace your web site project and launch your updated site at the start of 2017.

Before you jump into the process, it’s helpful to create a list of what you want to improve. Defining your goals will help you understand what features are most essential to your new web site, who is the best partner for you, how much money you might expect to spend and how long it will take.

Face it, getting a new web site finished is a big project. If you are clear with these details, the whole process is going to go a lot smoother.

This checklist should get you headed in the right direction