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Can You Measure The ROI of a Logo?

ROI (Return On Investment) is the idea that something may cost money up front, but in the end you save or earn enough money to make up for the original investment and then some. When you struggle to determine what to buy, what to invest in or what to do themselves or skip altogether, the measuring ROI becomes critical.

For example, if by investing in a new piece of software for your firm, you are able to reduce employee costs enough to quickly offset the cost of the software, then you would say it has a good return on investment.

Other investments may have poor ROI if their cost takes a very long time to recoup or if the investment is never regained.

Is it possible to measure and determine the ROI of a logo design?


Branding: Health Literacy Partners

Health literacy partners logo
We recently worked with Dr. Terri Parnell to develop the branding for her new health literacy consulting business: Health Literacy Partners. This included developing the name, tagline, logo, letterhead, business cards, web site, e-newsletter and managing the Google pay-per-click campaign.


Demystifying the Logo Design Process: Retail Association of Maine Rebranding

Many people I talk with seem mystified by the logo design process. Business owners who want to hire a design firm are scared that they will not end up with a logo they are happy with. People look at new logos and wonder why some seem to have turned out great and others do not. Many of these issues can be prevented by taking the time to follow a process that guides the logo design from the beginning.

This video blog post shows the process of developing the logo for the Retail Association of Maine.