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Email Lists: Core To All Digital Marketing

Written by Amanda Johnson, Marketing Communications Specialist here at Visible Logic & Mail on the Mark

Agents of Change Digital Marketing Conference 2016. I recently attended the Agents of Change Conference here in Portland, Maine. I have attended this conference for the past 3 years, and one thing that was mentioned several times and among multiple speakers is that you must continue to nurture and grow your email list.


2016 Content Marketing Trends: Quality, Formats, Returns

2016-Content-Marketing-Trends2016 will continue to see content marketing dominate as a strategy that many brands use to attract and convert prospects.

In its infancy, most marketers focused on the SEO benefits of content marketing, driving the creation of overwhelming amounts of content. Content marketing will mature as a marketing tactic, forcing people to refine their strategy if they want to to see results from their efforts.


How To Use Email Newsletters To Improve Your Content Marketing

Use Email Newsletters to Improve Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is a bucket term for a lot of different tactics and channels. It includes blogging, social media, video, infographics, reports and more. It also includes e-newsletters. Email newsletters hold an important role within content marketing because they can both pull and push: they catch leads and boost promotion.


6 Tips for Outsourcing Your Content Marketing

Content marketing can be very effective, but also requires time and expertise. Many organizations need to consider outsourcing all or some of their content marketing needs. Let’s look at a few ways you can get the most of your content marketing agency or partners.


Video: The Differences In Facebook Vs Twitter

If you’re new to social media or are looking to use Facebook or Twitter to promote your business, it’s good to understand the differences betwen these two very important social media channels. The way you connect, follow, share and view your timeline is a bit different between Facebook personal profiles, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Watch this 3 minute video to see the differences.