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Logo Design Process: Tin Pan Bakery

Tin Pan Bakery LogoCinnamon rolls, to-die-for chocolate chip cookies and richer brownies than any bakery in town. When Elise Richer decided it was time to open a new retail bakery in Portland, we were thrilled to help her with the branding—mostly because we wanted to know these amazing treats would be available close-by on a regular schedule.

We had worked with Elise on her previous, home-based bakery: Cream & Sugar so we were familiar with her overall approach to baking but like her, were eager to do something new and fresh with Tin Pan Bakery.


Introducing: Branding Compass

Branding Compass Input & OutputFor years, I’ve been working with new and growing companies to help them get started on their branding.

I know that a strong brand can help a business attract better clients, charge higher prices and be more effective with their marketing. We’ve helped startups, established businesses and non-profits clarify their value proposition, and distill the benefits of their product or service to attract their ideal customer and partners. Only once this foundational work has been completed do we move forward and design a full visual identity including their logo, web site and other collateral.

The most common reason that a prospect decides not work with us is because of the expense involved. And until now, there’s been no do-it-yourself, affordable way to do all the foundational work that’s so critical to getting your brand going in the right direction.


Maine Referendum Questions: Three Lessons in How NOT to Brand

Maie 2016 Referendum question logos

Here in Maine, like many states, we are facing an increasing number of referendum questions at the voting box each election season. This year in Maine, citizens are being asked to answer yes or no on five questions with topics ranging from legalizing marijuana to background checks for gun purchases to ranked choice voting, among other issues.

Like every product or service out there, referendum questions need good branding to help promote their message and gain traction. They need visuals that are meaningful and memorable.