Stop Making Content McNuggets

Adding new, relevant content is a way to get Google to rank your web site higher in search results. So there has been an explosion of content on the web.

As you might expect, much of this high volume of content is poor quality.


How are we doing?

What is customer experience?

Customer experience is the journey from start to finish of using your product or service. It often starts long before a customer is an actual client, and back when they were a prospect researching options. A good customer experience means having your customer walk away with the best experience possible while interacting with your company; and improving the chances that they will come back to you.


Maine Startup and Create Week Graphics

We have been really busy with Maine Startup and Create Week. In addition to attending many great sessions, we were heavily involved with organizing and marketing the event. As a key member of the marketing committee, Visible Logic helped to develop the key messaging, update the branding and create pretty much all of the printed signs, schedules, ads and printed marketing materials.


As Your Startup Matures, So Must Your Brand

Logo and business maturity
80% of people are going to hate your rebrand because it’s change. The question is, are you willing to sell it?

It’s a great reminder. Even if your logo is beautiful and professionally-designed, if there is compelling reason why you need to rebrand—for example your brand identity is not accurately expressing how your want to portray your business—you need to ignore the initial backlash and find an identity that you know will work for your brand.


Pivot Your Business, Pivot Your Brand

It was another great day hearing panelists at Maine Startup and Create Week. I sat in on a session about “Stories of Successful Pivots”.

First, the moderator—Emily Madero—asked each panel member to state their definition of a pivot. After hearing everyone’s thoughts I’ll sum it up for me as:

A pivot means keeping focused on your core strength while turning to a different audience or application that is more receptive to your offering.