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Can Maine Brand Itself As An Entrepreneurial State?

Maine has a reputation as a terrible place to do business (at least according to Forbes magazine, which places us at #49 out of 50 on the best places to do business).

But since I love Maine, I put a lot of my time into groups such as Maine Startup & Create Week, Envision Maine and House of Genius who are working to improve the business climate of Maine especially for smaller, entrepreneurial businesses that are growing in Maine.

The exciting thing about getting to know the startup and business community in Maine is unearthing all the hidden gems. The businesses that are already successful and the ones that have great ideas for the next best thing.

This video by Kerem Durdag may inspire you to see the possibility of rebranding Maine.


I Have A Great New Headshot, So Should You

Emily Brackett gets her headshot taken by Jeff Stevensen
I recently had my headshot retaken. For those of you who know me only virtually my aging has stalled in a rather beautiful, yet unrealistic way. For those who know me in the real word, around Portland Maine, you may have noticed I decided to grow out my gray hair. It was time to show off my silver hair and update my headshot and avatar photos.


Can Your Web Site Visitors Find What They Are Looking For?

95% of people said it's very important to find what they're looking for on a web siteIn our recent survey about web design we asked many questions about web design and how it affects our opinions of an organization or their products or service.

By far the most important factor in web site design is the feeling that “I can easily find what I’m looking for.” Of all the questions we asked, this had the highest number of respondents—95%—stating it was very important.


Branding: Health Literacy Partners

Health literacy partners logo
We recently worked with Dr. Terri Parnell to develop the branding for her new health literacy consulting business: Health Literacy Partners. This included developing the name, tagline, logo, letterhead, business cards, web site, e-newsletter and managing the Google pay-per-click campaign.


Infographic: The Power of Web Design

We recently published our Web Design Survey results as a white paper. Here are some highlights:

  • 80% chose a product, service or company over a competitor because it had a better website
  • 89% say the aesethetics of a web site matter

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