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White Paper: Results From Our Web Design Survey

As the owner of a design firm specializing in web site design, I find myself cringing at the inferior design, confusing content and general unprofessionalism of so many web sites. But I wondered, as a professional designer, if I was overly sensitive to this.

So in the spring of 2014 I reached out (mostly through Facebook, LinkedIn, and blog readers) and surveyed nearly 200 people to get a cross section of web site users to get their opinions on web design.


Inbound: The Era of Small and Free is Over

Recently, I spent some of my time at the FutureM / Inbound conference(s) in Boston, MA. The two conferences were run jointly, sharing Key Note speakers and allowing participants to all mingle together.

There were thousands of people deeply involved with marketing, on both the agency or in-house side. As with any good conference, I was introduced to new ideas and strategies and brushed up on some techniques. I tried to walk away inspired, but honestly, I felt a bit saddened as I realized that the door has slammed close on an era of the free, level playing field in the areas of social media and some forms of content marketing.


Photoshop’s Role in Web Design

Using Photoshop to design web sitesA new trend is emerging in web design: developers who bash the idea of using Photoshop to design web sites.

Lately, I have heard several different people extolling the belief that less design should be done in Photoshop and more should be done “in the browser”. Recently at WordCamp Maine, , a web designer & front-end developer, gave a talk called: Designing (Deciding) in the Browser.

Full disclosure: I was not at WordCamp (although DeAnne Curran from our firm was there and part of the design panel), but I could tell from Twitter, and even some e-newsletters that his talk had struck a nerve. Additionally, this anti-Photoshop rant has appeared on some Responsive Web Design forums and groups that I’m involved with.

Whenever trends like this arise, it is an opportunity to reflect on one’s process. But it’s not always best to take them to the extreme.


Web Hosting Is Like Insurance: Weigh Cost and Risk

Web hosting is like insurance: consider both cost & risk.As the owner of a web design and development firm in Portland, Maine, I frequently get asked about web hosting. “What is a good web host?” or “How much should I be paying for hosting my web site” are questions I hear a lot. Many of the web design or redesign estimates we prepare include hosting costs.

Here are some of the things I have discovered over the years about the costs (and risks) of choosing a web host.


WordCamp Maine 2014

This post was written by DeAnne Curran a senior designer and developer here at Visible Logic.

I am proud that I had a chance to speak at Maine’s very first WordCamp, August 15-16, 2014. I was a participant on the design panel, and got to share with the group some thoughts on our process, the tools we use and design trends.

If you are a client of Visible Logic that has had a WordPress walk through with me then you know I can’t stop raving about how much I love WordPress. What’s not to love, it’s easy to use for our clients and has lots of features and built-ins that make our work easier plus the ability to create something totally custom.


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