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Why Is Content Marketing So Hot in 2015?

What is Content Marketing and Why Should You Care?

Content marketing is the “in” marketing strategy.

Where did this idea come from and should you use content marketing to promote your own brand?


The 8 Most Important Web Design Elements for 2015

This morning I presented at Social Media Breakfast Maine as part of a panel on Internet Marketing 2015. I packed a ton of critical information into 20 minutes, and covered the basics of what people are looking expect in a business web site these days. The slide deck is filled with stats from our recent survey on the importance of web design. I also went through a list of the 8 most critical elements of an effective web design from the most basic to the more advanced.


Podcast: Content Marketing for Small Business Owners

Podcast on Content MarketingRecently, I was interviewed by Stephen Lahey for a podcast on During the 25-minute conversation, we talked about The Truth About Content Marketing for Solopreneurs.

Here’s what we talked about.

What is content marketing?

It’s a very hot term right now, but it’s something that experts have been doing for years.


Persistence is the Best Marketing Strategy of 2015

Wishing You Persistence in 2015!A few years ago, I decided to switch my New Year’s celebration. Rather than stay up late seeing out the old year, I decided to start getting up early and greet the new year by watching the sunrise.

I live in Maine, so sunrises are special, as we are one of the first places in the US to see the sun rise every morning. Early on January 1, I headed over to the Eastern Prom section of Portland Maine with my family.


3 Lessons from Partying as a Web Designer

So You're a Web DesignerApparently, it’s common for a doctor to be at a cocktail party or other social gathering, and when people hear that he or she is a doctor they start describing their latest rash, cough or pain in the hopes of a little free advice.

For many years, when I told someone that I was a graphic designer, I got a standard “that sounds fun” type of response. Until the past ten years or so, most people never understood how a book cover, magazine or brochure got designed. With the advent of web sites, the term designer, especially web designer, is something that people are much more familiar with.


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