About Visible Logic

Visible Logic excels at creating brand identities and marketing campaigns that make complicated or niche products and services easier to understand. We have a particular affinity for niche and complex products—especially technology-based products and B2B firms offering specialized services.

We blend words and graphics to distill, delight and convert.

Visible Logic designs comprehensive brand identities including: researching market position, designing logos; developing complete visual identities and and writing key messages that clarify and promote the benefits of your brand to your ideal client.

Nowadays, your web site is the foundation for your brand; an opportunity to develop a distinct look and voice and use it to educate and convince prospects. Our approach to web design and development will support your brand with a comprehensive approach to graphics and messaging. Our completely customized, easy-to-maintain web sites are highly-functional, build your brand and are optimized for search.

The small size of the shop ensures you will receive personal attention; and our capabilities across media makes us the ideal choice when you want a unique, consistent and compelling look on a series of projects and in different media.

Established in 2001, we have proven experience in web site design and development, content development, digital marketing, lead generation, public relations, social media and more. The creation of infographics and video are produced to distill the features and benefits of your product or service. Our email marketing service, Mail on the Mark, helps small businesses deliver custom-branded, unique content to their customers and prospects.

Smart people like to work with other smart people, right? Let us listen, distill and promote the benefits of your brand to your ideal client.


the team

Emily Brackett HeadshotEmily brackett, president

Contact: ebrackett@visiblelogic.com  |  LinkedIn  |  Twitter: @visiblelogic

Visible Logic is owned by Emily Brackett who leads the team.

Education: Emily has a BA from Carleton College and a BFA in Graphic Design from The Massachusetts College of Art. This combination of liberal arts foundation plus graphic design education creates a skill set unique in the industry. Good graphic design is ultimately about communication. Having the “word” skills to complement the “visual” talent allows Emily to create materials that truly work as demanded—whether to inform, entertain or persuade.

Previous Experience: Before opening Visible Logic, Emily worked at several successful studios in the Chicago & Boston area. At these full-service studios she completed a broad range of design work, including B-to-B marketing collateral, annual reports and identity projects. Early in her career Emily worked in print production and as a print buyer in the book publishing industry. This foundation in print management allows her to troubleshoot the production side of projects.

What is your professional superpower?

I am able to listen and clarify complex thoughts. I feel like a super hero when I work with clients who have been struggling to make the benefits of their product understandable. I help them distill what’s important about it.

I was actually diagnosed with “aural” dyslexia when I was in high school. That means when I hear something I have trouble repeating it back word-for-word. I can’t memorize anything: phone numbers, song lyrics, etc. But I’ve turned that into my superpower because my brain takes in what was said, or what I read, and then spits it back out in a much more concise message. Or, I’ll create a graphic that replaces long, word-based descriptions.

What is the first thing you do when you start your day?

I say a series of affirmations. I’ve found them very helpful for putting me in the right positive frame of mind to start the day. I try to wake up early enough to do this before my little ones rush in to see me.

What is your most memorable award?

The Presidential Physical Fitness Award. I earned them several times and they were “signed” by Jimmy Carter.

What is your favorite holiday?

Thanksgiving! Lots of food and family, always a four-day weekend, but no presents to buy.



Deanne-Curran-senior-designer-Visible-Logic-300pxDeAnne Curran, Senior Designer and Developer

Contact: dcurran@visiblelogic.com  |  LinkedIn

DeAnne joined Visible Logic in February 2006. She is a graduate of the Maine College of Art where she earned her BFA in Graphic Design. Trained first as a designer, DeAnne then learned to to develop for the web and has been creating custom WordPress themes for clients since 2010.

Being a designer and a developer is beneficial because both skills are needed when creating designs and deciding how they will be built. Finding the marriage between a great design and the usability of a site is a problem she always loves to solve. DeAnne works with clients from the start of the design, builds a custom branded theme, then teaches clients how to use WordPress to maintain and manage their web presence. DeAnne works on both print and web-based design, and assists in all types of projects in the studio.

Do you have any pets?

Duck: the bearded border collie/terrier rescue dog, Nein: the very pretty, but pretty unapproachable bathroom guardian cat, and Science our three legged tux charmer cat.

What is your favorite thing about living in Portland?

Portland is enough of a city that you can always find things and events to go to, but it’s small enough that you can run into a friend getting coffee. I also love Portland because there are so many things to do nearby, beaches, lakes and mountains. Bonus, we can see the ocean from our office window.

What do you love about this field?

I love the problem solving of design. Having a client come to us with a complicated product or idea and then figuring out the best way to approach it and solve it feels so great.

What do you do outside of Visible Logic?

I play flat track roller derby with Maine Roller Derby as my alter ego, Headbutty Holly. I started skating with MRD in 2011, took a few years off when I had my daughter and returned in the fall of 2013. I have competed in tournaments in ME, MA and as far away as NB, Canada.

What are your hobbies?

When I’m not skating, other hobbies include; learning to brew beer, sewing, crafting and gardening.



Devon-Clough-graphic-designer-Visible-Logic-300pxDevon Clough, Graphic Designer

Contact: dclough@visiblelogic.com  |  LinkedIn

Devon grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Keene State College in 2012.

In addition to branding, web and print projects, Devon is also interested in video work and photography. Like Emily, she has a knack for working on the text-based message alongside the visuals to improve both.

How did you arrive in this field?

I’ve always felt most comfortable and fulfilled within a creative space. In high school, I began to fall in love with graphic design and the way it could span beyond aesthetics into effective communication. To me, functional design combines language, imagery, and innovative thinking to create a visual message that is purposeful, beautiful, and engaging.

What’s your ideal escape from cyberspace?

The best kind of getaway needs to involve the mountains, lots of hiking, some modest camping, and a chilly river to dive into.

What’s your favorite way to get exercise?

Hiking is my very favorite way to get moving, but you can’t always get there from here. I also love trail running, mountain biking, kayaking, yoga, and being pulled by my dogs on rollerblades.

What would be hardest to give up: coffee, alcohol or chocolate?

Chocolate is on the menu for my last meal, so that’s got to stay. I guess I’d probably need to ditch coffee and feed any cravings with a good coffee stout or some Allen’s Coffee Brandy, like a true Mainer. Yikes!

Tell us something about you that might surprise us.

I absolutely love mathematics of all sorts, I’ve played the violin/fiddle for seventeen years, and I am a student of homeopathic medicine.



Amansa Johnson, Marketing Communications Specialist

Amanda Johnson, Marketing Communications Specialist

Contact: ajohnson@visiblelogic.com | LinkedIn

Amanda is the newest member of the Visible Logic team, and she is happy to be back in her home state of Maine. Amanda graduated from Mount Ida College with a BS in Communications, and has been working within the online marketing field for over 10 years. Her previous experience includes more than ten years of sales outreach, managing social media campaigns and email marketing working in-house at several firms.

When it comes to the fast-paced world of online marketing, Amanda is a stickler for details and enjoys making sure things look polished before they are published. Amanda works on internal initiatives for Visible Logic as well as supporting our clients.

What would be hardest to give up: coffee, alcohol or chocolate?

Coffee coffee coffee! Most people use coffee to wake up, but I find it reminds me to relax. Each moment with coffee, whether working, commuting, or chatting with a friend, is just a bit more enjoyable.

Favorite season?

Growing up in Maine, I would say the Fall is my favorite. The colorful foliage, apple picking, and cooler air, are all so refreshing. Oh, and of course the boots!

What do you love about this field?

I enjoy learning about what makes people take action, and how to apply that to marketing and design. I also love that this field is becoming less about sales and more about amazing and helpful content.

What would you be doing (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?

I would be an Acupuncturist because I enjoy it so much and find it very fascinating. However, I can’t actually picture myself inserting a needle into another human!



Swan has been the office security detail since 2015 when he was adopted by DeAnne. His favorite part about coming to the office is playing with his best pal Lola.


Lola is an adorable, gentle sweetheart, who was adopted by Amanda in 2016. She takes her job very seriously as the official office foot warmer, except during her playtime with Swan.